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Ambolish this perverted chat-site!!!

Thank you for reading, and we're so grateful for your support. As it turns out, "hellbound's" chat room mating dance is just one of many captured in PJ's archive of transcribed chats.

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Too bad "britneyx69" isn't the gooey, year-old girl he thinks it is--the poor sucker's typing dirty to a full-grown man working as a PJ operative. Started less than a year ago, PJ is who wants to chat tonight website devoted to exposing what they refer to as "wanna-be pedophiles" www.

Beginning with Portland chat rooms, the chat room in chisole has expanded its coverage from Oregon to as far off as Norway. In addition to posting the exchanges, the PJ site also includes the names, street and e-mail addresses, phone s, photographs not infrequently nudeand any other information volunteered by the wanna-bes during the course of their chats.

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They do, however, like to publicly humiliate those adults who choose to troll the web in search of underage tail. At some point during free chat lines in texas online conversations, the PJer will reveal the sting and direct the hot-and-bothered wanna-be to the PJ website.

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The wanna-bes' confused and often very angry responses to the prankish trap are posted, along with all the info they've offered. And although they commonly threaten to take legal action, as in accusing PJ of entrapment which only the long arm of the law can accomplishfirst date talking points wanna-bes essentially don't have a leg to stand on. As the site's disclaimer emphasizes, all the information posted is freely and directly given, and the chat conversations are the legal property of the webmasters.

PJ does grant one mode of recourse to the wanna-bes.

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The "Right of Reply" contains postings of excuses, pleas, "I was just kiddings," apologies, etc. They sometimes contain descriptions of alcohol abuse, the humiliation of wives and girlfriends, as well free sex web chat the fear of employers, neighbors, kids, or fellow church members catching wind of the site.

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And well, they should be afraid. Fencepost's online bio includes a list of things the site's visitors should definitely not do. These include passing out copies of the chats to the wanna-bes' neighbors, putting dog shit in their new hampshire chat rooms, etc.

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In the wake of further exposure of their online jollies, jobs could be lost, and marriages ruined. Of course, alerting a wanna-be's community is exactly the les allues _tn chatlines of PJ. Even people who've never seen the website can benefit because, perhaps, a friend warns them that the guy living next door was featured," elaborates Fencepost.


Oddly enough, the website is a funny read--in a dark, wry sense. The PJ members often insert witty asides, mocking spelling errors or penis sizes in the margins of the transcriptions.

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And, if so inspired, it gives you instructions on becoming a member and nailing some wanna-bes of your own. With PJ working to chat for girls fullest extent, the damage done to wanna-bes could be boundless--even if they're only guilty of one online chat that is, technically, legal. Regardless of the implications, and as far as the PJ crew knows, wannabes have not actually done anything other than threaten moral sensibilities; they're still wanna-bes. Some might posit that online activity diverts wanna-bes from actually engaging in sex with minors.

Although in the transcripts, many do express eagerness to arrange in-person dalliances, sometimes actually making plans to meet which could perverted chats be a fantasy, or eventually flaked onit's still a far cry from committing physical crimes.

The perv patrol

But it's doubtful that such differentiation is acknowledged in the thick of the shrill outcries and pitchforks of community outrage. The Danish Pedophile Association is big on differentiation. The website www.

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The logo is of two slightly pervy-looking happy faces, one big and one little, with hearts floating between them--it's pretty fucking sinister. The site includes a discussion forum occasionally penetrated by angry PJ membersa chuckly little joke self-test to see if or to what extent you are a pedophile, and an extensive FAQ.

Primarily, it aims to "reduce prejudices," and create a support network for self-identifying pedophiles, meaning those who are attracted to young people, but don't necessarily violate age of consent laws. The association defines pedophilia as a sexual orientation, and not a disease.

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The FAQ lumps both homosexuality and sadomasochism into this category as well. The site offers links to a wealth chatting and curious research to support their various assertions, but it's difficult to grant them credibility based on some of the site's content. Power is balanced.

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Child and adult share the power. One well-known author who chose to research pedophilia as fodder for fictional work came under scrutiny to the extent that she requested anonymity. When asked to bring her knowledge and thoughts to north berwick sex chat north berwick subject of PJ and their online mission, the author was unimpressed: "One guy asked the alleged year-old girl if she likes to give blow-jobs.

I think it's okay for a man to ask a year-old girl that," she says. Chat up girls, the PJ site's profiles focus on girls in their early teens and pre-teens. Regardless of any conclusions you draw about the wanna-bes featured on PJ, or the degree to which you villainize them, the site is updated weekly and free for perusal.

So fair warning to online chatters of underage sex: Perverted Justice is spreading. The Mercury depends on your continuing support to provide articles like this one. In return, we pledge our ongoing commitment to truthful, progressive journalism and serving our community.

Thank you—you are appreciated!

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Statehood Measure Passes, and Josh Hawley v. Dear Mercury readers, is finally behind us, but our recovery is just beginning. Thank you!

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